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Our quality guarantees your quality

Are you looking for a translation bureau that takes quality just as seriously as you do? Do you value transparent processes? Do you want to be on the safe side? Would you like to see quality standards upheld?

Certified quality management

Thanks to our computer-aided and tightly knit teamwork with experts from various fields, translators and DTP specialists, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality translations. Our stringent quality control process includes linguistic and technical aspects and is overseen by competent experts according to the quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015.


tsd’s project management guarantees quality by:

  • Carefully preparing the translators: reference text research, creating terminology lists for customer validation
  • Close coordination with subject field translators, technicians, engineers, computer scientists and multimedia and layout specialists, who complete your order professionally and specially adapted to your needs
  • Using translation and localisation tools
  • Usage and/or integration into production systems (CMS, editorial systems)
  • Editing
  • Up-keep and management of the translation memories (TMs)
  • Online service for direct access via a project management system
  • Continual updates on translation status

All of our projects follow a defined procedure. All documents we receive to be translated are first evaluated according to customer demands and texts specifics. After that, the customer may choose to participate in selecting the right employee, who in return receives access to all relevant information and required software. After being translated, the documents are revised and edited before being shown to the customer. After customer approval, any necessary changes are made, the files are validated once again and then finally sent back to the customer.

tsd Code of Ethics

tsd Technik-Sprachendienst GmbH follows a strict code that every employee and supplier maintains.  To ensure this, internal audits are conducted on a regular basis. Through these measures, we guarantee that all employees – concerning possible employee fluctuation – are made aware of the guidelines of the "Code of Ethics". This has been revised and can be read  undefinedhere. Thus, the guidelines by which tsd provides their services are made transparent to all clients and prospects.