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About Dominique Puls

Dominique is Chief Communication Officer (CCO) at tsd and has been a passionate driver of new ideas in the translation and localization industry for more than a decade. Feasibility, sustainability, the ever-changing needs of multilingual content, cost effectiveness and fully integrated solutions are her focus points. She is a language enthusiast, digital native, economics nerd, mother, science fiction fan, rock music addict, visionary and so much more. Dominique’s motto: “Communication is key”.
3 09, 2019

Human vs Machine… Translation

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Human vs Machine… Translation When does is make sense to give POWER 2 THE TRANSLATOR Have you tried off-the-shelf MT solutions in the past 6 months? If you have tried translating a frequently used language combination (i.e. English into German or Spanish), you might have got the feeling that the so called [...]