About us

tsd is distinguished by the first-class service and intensive customer care we offer. Our expertise lies in providing solutions tailored to the individual customer’s needs. Thanks to our internal team of linguists, we are always “close to the product” and can therefore deliver cost-effective services even with fast response times and tight delivery deadlines.

For 40 years, we have been offering our customers …

… individual consultation.

The requirements placed on our services are as unique as the companies we work for. Our strong, internal team made up of project managers, translators, proof-readers, IT specialists and many more supports our customers on a global scale and makes even the most challenging projects possible. Our services are specially tailored according to industry, type and place of publication and previous use of translation management systems. This allows us to meet customer requirements in an uncomplicated and forward-thinking way. In order to ensure efficient communication with our customers, we work according to the principle “one face to the customer“. Every customer has the support of a specially assigned project manager, in addition to a stand-in to cover absences, who will quickly and reliably deal with the customer’s wishes and concerns.

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… comprehensive Service.

From alignments to interpreting and even voice-overs — our service portfolio is focused on covering all services related to language. So that we can continue meeting this challenge in the future, we are constantly expanding into new service areas.
In close consultation with the customer, we develop the right workflow to cover all process steps according to the given requirements. If requested, qualified linguists are selected together with the customer using test translations and CVs. The selected linguists are then regularly assigned projects for that customer. This allows us to develop efficient core teams that we can rely on in the long-term.

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… high Quality

All forms of cooperation are coordinated using defined and certified processes (certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015).
The use of a translation management system (TMS) with quality assurance programmes guarantees consistency and at the same time allows for shorter processing times and cost savings.

We also offer proofreading and correction services in accordance with industry frameworks such as SAE J2450 and DQF-MQM.

Further information on this topic can be found under Quality & Code of Ethics and Technology.

… extensive availability

We place great importance on guaranteeing a high level of availability for our customers. In our Cologne office, we work in a special shift system whereby employees are divided across different working hours ensuring we can cover a greater period of availability.

Alongside our head office in Cologne, we also have a national branch office in Berlin in addition to further international offices in various locations worldwide. This allows us to work from various time zones so that we can flexibly and reliably process urgent projects, even in very busy periods.