Who let the dogs out?

新年快乐! Happy new Year!

In China millions of people celebrate Chinese New Year and the start of this year’s Spring Festival today. Spring Festival is one of the most important events in the Chinese calendar and lasts for 15 days.

According to the Chinese Zodiac in 2018 we celebrate the year of the dog, the “earth dog” to be exact. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac signs. In 2018 the Zodiac sign of the dog is associated with the element earth.

If you believe in Chinese Zodiac analysis, people born in the year of the earth dog are typically persistent, meticulously attentive, with good fortune in wealth.

Celebrities with the Chinese Zodiac sign “dog” are, among others, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince.

tsd wishes everybody a healthy and successful year of the “dog”!