Esperanto Part 1


After introducing you to the World Days on a weekly basis last year, this year we are dedicated to language / communication in all its facets.

Whether it’s a fictional language, such as Klingon (known from the Star Trek series), the languages of the deaf and blind people or even the communication of expressive dance, known as Eurhythmy.

There are many ways to communicate and we would like to inform you every week about the worldwide diversity of communication.

Let’s start our series with the planned language Esperanto: The first time the language was published was on July 26, 1887 by the Polish doctor Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof – who called himself Dr. Esperanto – the ‘doctor of hope’!

After years of tinkering he brought out the first book in the newly created language. He worked for years on the structure and vocabulary of the language in order to develop a common world language that is easy to learn.

The first edition of Unua Libro – in Russian – consists of 40 A5-sized pages. The grammar section within contains 16 rules over 6 pages.