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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Nowadays, Cinco de Mayo is well-known around the world as a celebration of Mexican culture. For many people it is a welcome opportunity to honor their Mexican heritage by eating traditional Mexican dishes, listening to Mexican folk music, enjoying traditional Mexican dances and maybe even drinking some margaritas.

While Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration of Mexican cultural heritage in most parts of the world, the origin of these festivities, however, lies in the Franco-Mexican war.

On May 5th 1862 the Mexican Army defeated the French Empire in an unlikely triumph at the Battle of Puebla. The victory at the Battle of Puebla was more of a symbolic one for the Mexicans, but it had a great impact on the Mexican resistance and is therefore commemorated to this day.

tsd wishes everybody a happy Cinco de Mayo. We hope you are all having a great Fiesta!

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