tsd becomes part of SeproTec Group

We have exiting news to share! tsd has joined forces with SeproTec Multilingual Solutions and has become part of a larger group of companies.

We are embarking on this journey full of enthusiasm and, of course, with a sense of great responsibility. Investments will be made to build a company with even more, exciting services, better and leaner processes, and innovative solutions.


In a nutshell, what do you need to know:

  • tsd Technik-Sprachendienst GmbH will remain the same legal entity, with headquarters in Cologne
  • Dominique Puls and Stefan Puls will continue in their roles within tsd as managing directors.
  • Juan Julian León, CEO of SeproTec will equally join the management team of tsd
  • Going hand in hand with this news, Dina Freibott has taken the decision to step down from her current position and enjoy her well-deserved retirement

This means a nice and stable continuation of the business added by the benefits and the great opportunities that come from a global organization.


Who is SeproTec?

With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, SeproTec is one of the top 30 global companies in our field, with a presence in 13 countries and a team of over 400 professionals. On top of their translation and localization services, SeproTec has a strong presence in the interpreting market and its own and uniquely specialized division for Intellectual Property Services.

The motivated team stands for one shared vision:

  1. Promote a business model based on excellence
  2. True commitment to customer service
  3. Use of new and innovative technologies
  4. Transparency and cooperation among different industry players

This customer and service centric approach is one of the key reasons for SeproTec’s success in the industry – coupled with the large array of specialized services it enables the company to excel in a competitive market.


Why SeproTec and tsd together?

Both SeproTec and tsd have a high degree of overlap concerning their company philosophy and structure, resulting in a “perfect match”. Both companies share a common base of being family owned and run businesses for many years, with a strong and motivated leadership team.

Our joint goals are:

  • Add technological solutions to cater your current and future needs
  • Bolster the portfolio of languages to cover multilingual needs seamlessly
  • Enlarge the service portfolio i.e., in interpreting services as well as intellectual property services
  • Grow our services of expert solutions and consulting

With our joint efforts we want to build and become one of the most respected and successful suppliers in the world of language and localization services. The revised estimated consolidated gross turnover for 2022 of the whole group amounts to €65 million.
Finding the right partner for tsd was essential for making this step. We wanted to go together with a company that has a strong value proposition in the industry, but that equally shares our vision and core beliefs as professionals.

SeproTec CEO and shareholder Juan Julián León points out: “tsd has a solid presence in sectors that perfectly complement our own customer portfolio and strengthen our service offer. In addition, the talent of tsd’s team has been very positively valued – their approach to solutions, processes and customer communication fits perfectly into SeproTec’s mission and vision.»

We want to especially express our gratitude to Dina Freibott for making this new chapter possible. Without her distinctive flair for business, tsd would not be where it is today. In the past few years, the collaboration between Dina Freibott, Dominique Puls, Stefan Puls, and Thomas Kuhsel brought the company where it is today: strong, healthy, and forward looking.

Dina Freibott points out: «tsd, its growth, its customers and its team have been the project of my lifetime. This is one of the reasons why we chose our partner carefully and diligently. In all our discussions about a possible collaboration, I always had the feeling that we found the right partner. As a management team we are convinced that this is the right step for us as a company to expand and meet the growing requirements of the industry. I am sure that we are looking forward to a successful future together.»

We want to carry the spark of enthusiasm, that we have ourselves for this exciting new era, towards you and build something even greater!

In case you have any questions concerning this change and would like to set up a meeting to discuss, feel free to reach out to Dominique (dominique.puls@tsd-int.com), to Stefan (stefan.puls@tsd-int.com) or any other point of contact you have within our organization.


Sincerely yours,

Dominique Puls
tsd GmbH Managing Director

Stefan Puls
tsd GmbH Managing Director

Juan Julian León
Managing Director 
CEO of SeproTec