Eurythmy Part 2



For example, in Waldorf schools, eurythmy is taught as a subject over a 12 period.

You can do vocational training at special art schools or even gain a master’s degree at some universities.

This type of expression has different goals:

It is meant to be both artistic and yet educational and therapeutic.

On the artistic side, it is used to express artistic elements, as has already been described.

On the educational side it is used to improve childrens’ skills in a variety of different areas. For example: the joy of movement, social competence, responsiveness and body control.

Eurythmic therapy attempts to improve the physical and the mental states of those who practice it, as certain movements have a positive affect on many areas of the body and mind.

Many diseases can be treated therapeutically by eurythmic therapy.

From the very beginning, this type of therapy teaches individuals how important bodily functions can be supported and how to express emotions and Feelings.