We are looking for team members who are really suitable for us
– and we usually recognise them from their application

Tips to successfully apply for a position at tsd

We are pleased that tsd receives many applications every day – for positions in our offices in Cologne and Berlin as well as applications from freelancers or partners. In this blog post we would like to give a few tips to those who are interested in a permanent position, a traineeship or an internship in our internal teams. What do we pay particular attention to in the application process?

The digital world of applications

Nowadays we use the Internet for almost everything – from shopping to registering with public utilities. So it makes sense to also look for your new dream job this way! We are happy to receive your application in digital form – nevertheless you should proceed with as much care and consideration as with the equivalent in paper form.

But how do you start?

1. A meaningful subject in the email: So that the application e-mail can be assigned and processed more quickly, it is helpful if the subject line is meaningful and contains necessary information, such as the reference number of the job posting.

2. Content of the e-mail: The e-mail itself can be filled with the content that was also used in the letter. Alternatively, an abridged version can be used which contains a friendly salutation and relevant contact details as well as a reference to the attached application documents. In any case, the cover letter should be attached separately to the e-mail.

Plan what you want to tell us:

In terms of content, it is important that no questions remain unanswered in the application documents – we would like to know why YOU fit the advertised position. It is therefore advisable to respond specifically to the points asked for in the job advertisement. Different positions require different information: For example, translators should bring in their mother tongues and their target languages. For project managers, on the other hand, it is advisable to focus more on the applicant’s commercial and organisational skills. Where your strengths and professional focus lie should also be addressed. Just as important for us is your earliest starting date, at which location you would like to take up the position, as well as what you expect in terms of salary if this is explicitly asked for.

Finally: Attachments

As proof of qualifications and previous work experience, documents such as a meaningful curriculum vitae, certificates and diplomas are indispensable for us. Here the motto ‘rather add a little more than too little’ applies, so the reader can choose the aspects they would like to know more about. It is best to send all documents in PDF format so that you can be sure that the desired layout is also displayed to the reader. All attachments can also be combined in a PDF file.


Now just enter the recipient Recruiting@tsd-int.com in the address line and click on « Send » – we will contact you as soon as possible.

And that´s it! Your application has been submitted successfully!

Similar blog posts will follow in the coming weeks that cover topics relating to the application process. We focus on different positions, such as freelancers and partnerships.