Minionese Part 2



What truly sounds like gibberish is actually a little bit more than that. Piere Coffin and Kyle Balda, the producers of the Minions and speakers of Minionese, put some effort into developing the language. In an interview they explained that a lot of the Minions´ communication relies on body language, tone and intonation of the words they say, which makes these the most important parts. These ensure that the audience does understand the Minions, since we are not actually supposed to understand every single word that the Minions use. Piere Coffin and Kyle Balda looked for words in many different languages- the only requirement was that they sounded funny.


As the Minions lived in many countries before it is quite reasonable for them to have adapted words in their own language that have their roots in languages like Korean, Japanese, Spanish, English and many more. The producers also stated that it is great for the audience when they realize that a word from their own language is being said by the Minions.