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Minionese Part 3

Regarding the structure of Minionese (well, if you can call it a structure at all): Nouns and verbs are used in the same way. So “thank you” is translated to “tank” but “to thank” is also called “tank”.

Counting is very special in Minionese, as only the numbers one, two and three have “normal names”. Hana, dul and sae are the equivalents in Minionese and are taken from Indonesian. If you want to use a Minionese word for a number higher than three you will have to do some math and add up the numbers until they equal the intended number.

So if you want to say four in Minionese it will be duldul (twotwo). But be careful, Minions do not have words for numbers higher than twenty, as their brains are too small to deal with such high numbers.

Unlike some other movie languages, like Klingon, Minionese was not developed by linguists but by directors, who mainly wanted it to be funny. So it is not surprising that there are not too many rules in Minionese.

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