O’zapft is!

The world-famous “Oktoberfest” starts in Munich today. This traditional festival has its roots back in 1810, when it was first held in honour of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese´s wedding. Although Oktoberfest is a carnival nowadays, it originally included horse races with an extra field to celebrate the wedding.

oktoberfest tsd

Ever since, it has been celebrated at Theresienwiese in Bavaria´s capital, Munich. Oktoberfest (or “Wiesn”, as Bavarians call it) is opened by the mayor tapping on the beer barrel. The number of times the mayor needs to hit the barrel until the first beer starts pouring out is counted. Afterwards, visitors will hear twelve small cannon shots, which let the hosts know that they can start selling beer. Besides drinking Bavarian Weiss beer you can eat traditional Bavarian food like “Brezn” (pretzels) or “Backhendl” (deep fried chicken) at Oktoberfest. Many people wear traditional clothing: “Dirndl”, a traditional Bavarian dress for women, and “Lederhosen”, leather pants for men. The famous motto “O’zapft is!”, which is said right after tapping on the beer barrel, translates to “It’s tapped!”.

We wish a happy Oktoberfest to everyone who is celebrating it all over the world!