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Pig Latin Part 1


Pig Latin

Tsday ayssay ellohay.

Think you found some typos? Or are you wondering which weird language this is?

This is Pig Latin – the next part of our current category “alternative communication”.

To clear things up: “Tsday ayssay ellohay” translates to “tsd says hello”.

Pig Latin is a very basic form of argot where selected letters are changed and the syllable “ay” gets added at the end. There are different versions so you could also add “way” or “yay”.

Even though it contains “Latin” in its name, it has nothing to do with the ancient language at all.

To honor Pig Latin, September 15th was announced to be “Pig Latin Day”. Pig Latin is used in many different countries. There are equivalents of the argot in German, Swedish, Finnish and many more.

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