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Pig Latin Part 2


Pig Latin

Last week you saw this mystical sentence “Tsday ayssay ellohay”, which means “tsd says hello” in Pig Latin. This week we will explain the rules, so you can check, if we wrote our sentence correctly.

Pig Latin contains very easy jargon and only consists of a few rules. Which rule has to be used, depends on the starting letter of the word. If it starts with a consonant all letters before the very first vowel will be taken away and will be added at the end. The syllable “ay” is always added at the end of the word.

Examples: book -> ookbay

pen -> enpay

If a word starts with a vowel, the syllable “ay” is simply added at the end.

Exmples: apple -> appleay

Easy -> easyay

That´s all of the rules already, quite simple, right?

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