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Star Wars Day happy we wish.

This is probably how Master Yoda would wish you a Happy Star Wars Day. This post will provide you with some information regarding this special day. As May 4th is pronounced just like the famous words “May the force be with you” from Star Wars, many fans celebrate this day as Star Wars Day.

Star Wars Day

Although it is not an official holiday and was not thought up by Lucas film, the company actually uses May 4th for announcements or as a release date for new promotions.

Star Wars Day was first celebrated in 2011 at the Toronto underground cinema in Canada. There are truly many different ways to celebrate the holiday. You may dress up as one of the characters and meet other fans, cook or bake Star Wars-related food or start a movie marathon with your friends.

But not only private fans celebrate Star Wars Day; companies and politicians also use it to their benefit. Therefore, there are videos of Darth Vader setting up a lamp, politicians wishing each other “May the force be with you”, and so on. In 2012, a minor league baseball team even changed the design of their uniforms so the players looked like Chewbacca when they played on May 4th.

In addition, May 5th can be called “Revenge of the Fifth” as a play on words of the title of Star Wars III, “Revenge of the Sith”.

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May the force /4th be with you!

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