tsd is turning 40!

Dear Community,

As some of you might have already heard through the grapevine, tsd is turning 40 this year! To commemorate this fantastic milestone, we are planning on creating a time machine for the localisation industry. You might be asking yourself what exactly this entails. In essence, we want to start collecting pictures, ideas, memories or videos relating to past times in the industry. What made the industry tick? What jobs were exciting? What tools did we use “back then”?

In order to successfully achieve our goal of travelling back in time, we need YOUR help. Do you have older pictures of your offices or work environment, or of events that you interpreted at? Is it possible that you’ve got old computers, tools or documentation gathering dust in your cupboards that tell a story of a workflow long gone? We would be both delighted and grateful if you would be willing to share your personal story in or with the industry.

We will then gather what information and stories we can get and, of course only with your prior consent, publish them in various formats on our blog and during the TEKOM Fair in Stuttgart.

Are you intrigued and want to take part in this great new project? Then contact us directly at tsd@tsd-int.com or call +49 221 92 59 86 0