Your Transcreator is your influencer

How to increase your online marketing reach organically

Your transcreator as your influencer? How is that supposed to work?

Your transcreator or transcreation / localization agency will most likely be the first to be challenged when it comes to making your campaign “go global” or as we sometime say “world ready”. Classically our own in house trancreation team are the first that need to assess how to address a broader, multilingual and multicultural audience effectively.

A big factor for success in creating excellent content for various markets depends on an efficient and interactive way of communication between the following two parties: On the one hand the creators of content and on the other hand the transformers of content for target markets, the ones we usually call the transcreators and/or regional content managers.

The communication about transferring content in itself is already super interesting. Language and the choices we make when using specific language is something not only language specialists love to discuss. The internet is full of failed translations memes, discussion on how global campaigns are perceived (or gone wrong) etc. So why not make this an extra element of your online marketing strategy?

Engage with your localization agency and discuss with their marketing department how such a mini campaign could be handled. The easiest and quickest way to go about is to close “the loop”. As soon as you hit the publish button to your campaign, be it on facebook, LinkedIn or Instragram, let your agency know about it. They are happy to repost your content and let the world know that their team took part in creating the campaign. All followers of your agency will have access to this content and in turn have a thing or two to say about it. In essence you will get traction and potentially engagement without additional costs and just the effort to inform someone.

In case you even want to salvage more from this idea, ask the trancreators team to come up with their favourite “problems” they had to solve when trying to make the content work for their target language and audience. It might be worth the while to create separate posts, potentially together with your agencie’s marketing department, to spike discussion about the campaign and the way that people perceive it’s language.

There are many possible approaches that do not create a massive extra workload but give you a nice additional traction to your campaign. If you want to learn more about these possibilities and how we handle such request at tsd, please content us via or call: +49 221 925 986 0