Solutions for a changing world

The #tsdcrisistoolkit mission: During these challenging times, we want to share our skills and expertise with you. Creativity and innovation are the key factors to our success and we want others to be able to share in and benefit from this success. Why? So that we, as partners, can grow together and come out of this crisis stronger than ever!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Essentials for a reliable partner in a crisis:

A flexible, scalable and suitable pricing structure for demanding situations

Your partner needs to be an expert at what they do and be able to support you throughout the project

Your partner needs to understand the complexity of the situation and is thus able to be flexible in many different ways

Prompt and efficient execution of all necessary steps and processes

Mutual understanding without the need for (a lot of) explanations

Why is tsd a reliable partner for your localization and translation needs during this crisis?

  • We have an experienced, hands-on project management team who is ready to go that extra mile, no matter the time zone, no matter the requirements.
  • We have a qualified and professional team of language specialists’ who fully understands the requirements for your medical, pharmaceutical or technical project, no matter the field.
  • We have an IT and DTP Team that helps save you time and money when it comes to quickly and easily publishing your content on any kind of platform and in any kind of format.

Our tools for you in an overview

Tool No. 1: Time

  • Translator/proof-readers and post editors will work overtime and at weekends to ensure the quickest possible turnaround
  • Less paperwork – a simple email is enough to kick off your project, all administrative work is taken care of
  • Technical solutions can be added to speed up the process even more

Tool No. 2: Content-specific resources

  • Use of special content such as translation memories and terminology on the topic of CoVid-19
  • To ensure high quality and quick turnaround times, content specific resources are essential
  • We have both our own resources for this content as well as industry specific initiatives that offer TM content and terminology

Tool No. 3: Your project is our top priority

  • Prioritized project support
  • A PM team specifically in charge of #tsdcrisistoolkit projects, available during extended working hours (24/7 if needed)
  • A hands-on approach to get the job done with minimum fuss and maximum output

Quote: “We need to reschedule or reallocate to make your project number 1? No problem for us and you might not even take notice that we did so.”

Tool No. 4: Attractive and agile budgeting processes

  • Special discounts and project packages
  • Budgeting in uncertain times can be tricky, so we offer flexible structures and can itemize project steps, down to very small amounts, to make payment plans easy
  • For certain projects directly linked to the crisis, we have arranged special discount prices of up to 25% off our usual rates

We’ll take care of it!

Do you have a question, want to request an offer for a service or need any further information? We will be happy to assist you!

Send us an e-mail at tsd@tsd-int.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.