Mission Statement

We are language facilitators! What do we do? We provide multilingual services including translation, transcreation, machine translation services, voice-over solutions, terminology work etc.

How do we do it? Our customers count on us to produce multilingual content such as translations and transcreations with the greatest care – they trust us to transform their carefully crafted texts, audio content and videos for an international market. We support and advise them from a technological, linguistic and cultural point of view. Lean, personalized and efficient processes are our specialty.

Why do we do it? Creating high-quality multilingual content for customers that need their content to be flawless in any language is our goal. Knowing both our product and our customers inside out is one of our driving forces.

What do we care about? Human communication through language – this should never be underestimated. Human communication is predominantly achieved through language and written communication is exclusively conveyed by language. The more and the better we understand each other, the better we can live, work, coexist. We strive for functional and sustainable communication.

Building a community – Being a family-owned business, we care about the impact we have on our surroundings and the people we collaborate with. Having a sense of belonging and purpose is something quintessentially human. We want everyone who works with us, be it customers, employees or freelancers, to feel accepted and welcome. This is dear to our hearts and we seek to nurture it in our daily communication and actions.