Terminology work

Consistent terminology compiled in a structured manner fundamentally improves the ease and effectiveness of communication.
Corporate communication in particular, both internal and external, can be significantly improved as well as simplified through specification of which terms should be used in which context. This service brings a whole range of improvements, including time savings and cost reductions.

Developing a terminology system can be a worthwhile investment – for an increasing number of companies it is now an established part of daily business activities. We offer our customers terminology work in various forms and modules that can be used independently or combined with one another:

  • Creation of a new terminology database
  • Transfer of terminology into a new system (e.g. from an Excel table to a translation management system)
  • Review and revision of existing terminology
  • Continuous addition and development of new terminology
  • Translation and validation of terminology

The tasks in the modules above are entrusted to terminologists with extensive experience in the relevant subject areas. Terminologists with various native languages are assigned multilingual terminology work.

Likewise, the translation of terminology is also assigned to specialised expert translators. Following translation, if requested, the international branches of a company can validate the terms and their definitions.

Would you like to further promote terminology work in your company? Contact us by telephone on +49 (0) 221 9259860 or email at tsd@tsd-int.com and we will advise you about individual solutions.

Standard workflow

  1. Structure: extract and sort terms from existing documentation.

  3. Maintenance: revise double entries and incorrect entries, add new entries.

  5. Translation: terminology is translated, terms are entered into the terminology database.


What is the state of your current terminology database? How have you worked with terminology in the past?

For which languages do you want to keep a record of terminology? Is there a primary language?

To what extent should terminology be processed? Should definitions, “prohibited” terms (misnomers), drawings etc. also be recorded?

Is discussion with your specialist department regarding individual terms possible?