Voice-overs & subtitling

With the growing popularity of different media, such as films or animated presentations, we are receiving ever more spoken language projects.
Such multi-media projects can include internal training materials for staff, repair instructions, image films and much more.
One or more speakers guide the audience through the film or presentation and ensure that all contents are communicated clearly according to the target group and target market.

In order to make this accessible to various target countries, the spoken contents are translated into the relevant languages using voice-overs or subtitling.

When realising multimedia projects, various factors are key to creating the ideal translation of the source material.

For example, a distinction is made between the two types of voice-over used depending on the project type.

In addition to that, there are numerous differences concerning the speed of speech. The speed of speech can vary greatly depending on the target market or region, which can ultimately have a considerable influence on the comprehensibility of the content as well as the receptiveness of the viewer.

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Standard workflow

  1. Receipt of documents and preparation of an offer.
  2. A script is created on the basis of the source materials. If a transcription is already available, then this step is omitted.
  3. The script is translated into the desired languages and proofread.
  4. For voice-overs, the translated contents are recorded by talented voice actors.
  5. The soundtrack or subtitles are then added to the video file.
  6. The project manager sends the finished project to the customer.


What software was used to create the source materials?

Is there already a transcription/a script?

Which languages should the content be translated into?

Should the spoken text appear as a voice-over or as subtitles?

Are there work instructions, style guides, terminology guidelines, phonetic guidelines or manners of speech that we should follow (for the translation, the voice actors and the subsequent integration of the content into the video)?

Should the content be validated by anyone before the voice-over or subtitling phase?