Automotive engineering

We feel right at home in the automotive industry!

The requirements of this industry can be very diverse with processes and requirements varying from company to company.
The key focus, however, is always on the efficient and competent translation of various materials: technical documentation, internal and external communications documents, catalogues, brochures and training materials.

In order to meet the requirements of customers in this industry, a service provider with a holistic approach is needed.
At tsd, we are experts in the field of automotive engineering and always select the right employee for each project. Continuous use of a fixed team and competent application of translation management systems ensure the high quality of our results. Of course, using customer-specific terminology is just as important as adherence to style guides.

Particularly with marketing materials, direct contact between the customer and the translator is a proven method of supporting the translator in adapting the translation or transcreation of emotive passages precisely to the customer’s specific demands.

Find out about our expertise in the various fields of the automotive industry. We would be happy to prepare a no-obligation offer for your project or to complete a test translation so you can see our quality for yourself!

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