You and your customers invest a great deal of time and effort creating sophisticated advertising campaigns in your respective home countries.
Naturally, the results of this effort should also be clear to see in your chosen international markets.
In the field of marketing and PR, translators often need to pay more attention to the target market than in translations for other industries.
This is because, alongside communicating information, it is above all the effect these texts have on the reader that counts.
In this area, therefore, translators are not only required to produce a correct translation, a great deal of creativity is also required.

Whether you would like brochures, flyers or catalogues translated, tsd is the right partner for your multilingual materials!
Alongside numerous resources in the area of technical translation, we also employ many translators who have specialised in the translation of emotive texts, such as advertising materials.

For texts to be used in public campaigns, we recommend you make use of our transcreation service. A strong marketing concept and a professional translation or transcreation are the ideal combination for a successful project.

We are available for questions and comments about our services in this industry, contact us either by telephone on +49 (0) 221 9259860 or by email at

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