Research and development

tsd is certified for across v6.3, is represented in the across LSP Advisory Board and is also a member of the Trados LSP Partner Program. This means, firstly, that our employees from both the Project Management and Language Team have successfully completed training programmes and workshops for these TMS providers. Secondly, these partnerships facilitate regular communication between the developers and the users of these tools. Suggestions, improvements and plans can therefore be discussed in a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere.

Alongside our engagement in the Plunet Advisory Board (find further information about this system using the following link), we have been actively involved in the TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) since 2017. Through the generous exchange of information and experience on these platforms, we always stay up-to-date on trends and innovations within the translation industry, for example in the areas of quality management and technological progress. As a result, we make sure we can always offer our customers the latest high-quality products and services.

State of research “machine translation”

Machine translation is a strategic focus of tsd’s IT solutions. For this reason, we are intensively involved in the research and further development of our machine translation solutions. For example, we conduct pilot projects together with our customers in order to evaluate and optimise the benefits and costs of this translation method. At tsd, machine translation solutions are always designed according to the specific customer and the specific project. Here, quality and data protection requirements are always a key focus.

The research and development activities in this area include conceptualisation and test runs in addition to international communication, both with customers and within tsd. For this reason, our IT team regularly attends conferences where research developments are presented and discussed.

If you are interested in post-editing of MT texts and MT, you can find more information about this service under the following link.

Automation in workflows

A further focus in tsd’s range of IT solutions is the development and implementation of automated workflows. Here too, supporting customer-specific procedures is paramount.

Having been active in the translation industry for nearly 40 years, we can draw on a wealth of experience in dealing with translation management systems (TMS), terminology work, CMS solutions, layout programmes and much more, in addition to our rigorous quality management system. On this basis, together with our customers we are able to create comprehensive workflows for various services which are individually tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. If necessary, these customer or project-specific workflows can be continually expanded and updated throughout our working partnership.

Examples of workflows that can be used as a potential basis can be found on our relevant service pages.

So that we can offer our customers the best product and the best service at all times, we always keep our IT systems and our service portfolio up-to-date and are always well-informed about current trends and developments.