At tsd, we are proud of our team!

We are from Cologne, Berlin, Luton and the Eifel, we are multilingual. We are project managers, linguists, QM managers and TMS users. We are specialised in technical documentation, marketing texts, packaging leaflets and training documents. We can do so much because we are so many!

Through our close, professional and friendly collaboration, we are able to deliver the quality we stand for to our customers. This does not only refer to the quality of the materials we deliver, it also includes our customer orientation and the principle of open, proactive communication.

Our office locations

The majority of our internal team is divided across tsd’s two largest offices, our head office in Cologne and branch office in Berlin.

Further tsd employees also work in America and in other European countries.

We are also represented by additional satellite offices in other parts of the world, which allows us and our customers to work across different time zones.

Internal Language Team

A special feature of tsd is our internal Language Team, which makes up around half of all our permanent staff. In addition, we work with around 5000 tsd-certified external staff. Of these, around 1500 linguists have completed the intensive tsd training. These linguists are given priority in the allocation of projects.

All employees regularly take part in internal and external training courses as well as tests so that new developments are communicated to everybody at an early stage and can be reliably applied.

Automated workflows

In order to ensure optimum project processing, all departments work closely together according to a workflow agreed with the customer in advance.

The interfaces between the different teams are precisely defined, meaning the activities of the individual departments perfectly complement each other. This allows us to ensure seamless implementation of individual projects and achieve the best results.