Data security and secure data transfer

A brief insight into our security concept:

Centralised approach

As a general principle, we take a centralised approach at tsd. This allows us to offer our customers the highest level of data security. Decentralised processes are only necessary in exceptional cases.

Employees work on virtual server systems. Access to these systems and the data saved on them is protected using appropriate access restrictions.

Access rights

Protection against unauthorised access to applications and data is ensured using a role-based access control concept. This ensures that employees can only access the data they require to carry out their work.

Measures for ensuring secure data transfer

In order to guarantee secure data transfer and communication, tsd offers its customers a range of solutions:

End-to-end encryption of email communication

Encryption of documents

Communication via tsd’s business management system (Plunet) using HTTPS (the customer receives web-based protected access from tsd)

Secure data rooms and secure file transfer

Additional customised solutions for individual customers

Additional information

If you would like more information on the topic of security, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with our complete security concept upon request.