Code of Ethics

As an international language service provider, we work in an environment in which culturally informed ethical principles have a special significance. They form part of the foundational principles underlying our activities, not only in our business dealings, but also on a private, interpersonal level.

The corporate image tsd Technik-Sprachendienst GmbH has developed over its years in business is based on the expectations and needs of employees, suppliers, customers and, of course, society as a whole. The company’s reputation amongst customers and suppliers is very important to us, but even more important is tsd’s public standing in various countries and cultural circles.

Nowadays, companies are not only measured by their economic success. An international company must be conscious of its responsibility towards the recipients of its products and towards society.

For this reason, we have created a Code of Ethics which we both communicate and practice in our dealings with customers, employees and society in general.

Each individual employee at tsd must be aware that they have a responsibility to behave in accordance with this Code of Ethics. Noncompliance with the Code of Ethics has serious consequences.

With increasing globalisation, corporate responsibility has become increasingly important for international companies. Fair business practice is the foundation upon which we work for our stakeholders. We trust and expect that these demands will be met across our entire workforce.

tsd’s basic principles

  • The Basis of our Ethical Approach

    Respectful cooperation is the underlying requirement for our international business activities. We achieve this by:

    • Observing generally applicable statutory standards
    • Ensuring a constant flow of information across all levels of the company hierarchy in order to reinforce our basic principles
    • Reporting violations of the Code of Ethics immediately
    • Ensuring that no employee at tsd may be negatively affected by the Code of Ethics
  • Working Within the Code

    We guarantee the integrity of our work within the framework of our Code of Ethics.

    • Our services are always performed in a professional manner and in accordance with a specified workflow based on our quality management system (QMS)
    • Workflows are documented in order to ensure greater transparency in all areas of work
    • This transparency must be clear both internally and externally
    • Loyalty to the employees and owners must always be maintained
    • We refuse any benefits resulting from acceptance of third-party information
    • All employees of tsd reject all forms of bribery and corruption
  • Distortion of Competition
    • tsd supports fair and open competition
    • Price structure changes and the exchange of competitive information are strictly prohibited
    • The denigration of potential competitors to secure a competitive advantage is strictly prohibited

    If rules against unfair competition are breached, certain measures are taken to prevent this in future.

  • Privacy Policy

    It is essential that customers’ trust is respected and upheld. We guarantee confidential treatment of all documents during the entire workflow. Customer information is always treated confidentially and in accordance with the relevant contractual regulations and applicable data protection laws and will never be disclosed or made available to any third party. Any violation of this shall result in serious consequences.

    Find out more about data security and secure data transfer.

  • Health and Environmental Protection

    As a language service provider, environmental protection plays a very important role for tsd. We ensure that materials are only printed out where strictly necessary. This supports environmental conservation, particularly the protection of forests. tsd also ensures that printers and toners are always maintained and updated in order to avoid potential risks to employee health. tsd employees work with high-quality computer monitors, these have been subject to occupational safety tests and are also tested in internal audits every year.

  • Monetary Aspects

    As a business operating in a highly competitive market, maintaining sufficient financial resources to meet our contractually agreed obligations is of primary importance to us. We do not only make sure we meet our financial obligations at all times, we also ensure that we are able to settle payments in the short term.

  • Dealing With Coworkers and Business Partners

    Respect for employees regardless of their appearance, religion, culture or any other facet is part of our company culture. In a healthy company, tolerance is fundamental and at tsd this is practised by and towards both employees and owners. This also promotes employee motivation and enjoyment of work in addition to maintaining a high degree of professionalism and productivity in the whole company.

  • Implementation

    Continuous adherence to the Code of Ethics is ensured through our transparent working processes, compliance with the specifications of the QM system and through openness and discussion regarding any possible violations against the code. We firmly believe that any infringement of our Code of Ethics can be best avoided in future, first and foremost through open cooperation in dealing with problems.