Language Team

Our diverse and varied Language Team consisting of translators, proofreaders and terminologists cover a considerable number of language combinations and subject areas. Allocating projects to our internal team of linguists brings a range of benefits for our work:

  • They guarantee a basic level of availability
  • They facilitate increased flexibility
  • Their knowledge contributes to the planning of translation processes
  • Long-serving employees support us in the selection of new team members
  • They conduct training seminars for the internal and external team – a must for complex and demanding customer-specific processes

In the coming years, tsd will focus on the benefits of an internal Language Team – we are planning the continuous expansion of this area of our company.

Our external Language Team too consists of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and terminologists. Both internal and external employees are selected and appropriately trained with a view to maintaining long-term employment relationships. Many of our external employees have been working for us for many years and have proven themselves to be reliable partners.

In line with our certification according to ISO 17100, all team members possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Native speaker of their target language
  • Successful completion of a programme of study in languages/translation or
  • Successful completion of a programme of study in another subject area in addition to evidence of translation competence or
  • Several years’ work experience in the field of translation

Other requirements for translators:

  • Evidence of experience in the translation of texts from specific subject areas (specialist competence)
  • Evidence of reference projects with well-know companies in the same industry
  • Appropriate writing style and linguistic competence
  • Reliability with regard to time-keeping and organisation
  • Evidence of relevant continued and further education
  • Technical competencies/skills in using translation management systems (TMS)

We also offer our customers the option to select suitable core translators for various target languages and subject areas using test translations. These core translators can come from both our internal and our external network, depending on the customer’s requirements.