As a meeting place for industries from a range of different nations, financial markets have been a multilingual sector for many centuries. The exchange of information must be comprehensible to everyone involved: misunderstandings, incorrect knowledge or even a lack of knowledge can have far-reaching implications and, above all, financial consequences. The requirements placed on a language service provider are just as diverse as the various stakeholders involved in this sector.
The sensitivity of the data to be translated is often an important factor, which is why this data is subject to strict security requirements. Another important element to consider in such projects is that our customer is not always the end customer, instead they may be preparing the materials for their own customers. Here linguists are required to posses a high level of self-initiative and very strong research skills.

For this reason, projects for customers in the financial sector are assigned only to experts who are familiar with the relevant terminology and requirements in this market, such as the IFRS/DRS Standards. The clear and correct rendering of specialist terminology and figures is especially important here, particularly if financial decisions are going to be made on the basis of the translated materials. Seamless, sustainable and efficient management of projects and customer care is therefore required.

Due to the sensitive nature of this content, our customers in the financial sector often specify secure data transfer and storage as an important requirement for our collaboration. Further information on this topic can be found under Data security and secure data transfer, or contact us directly so we can discuss the subject with you in person.

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