Machine and plant engineering

Many years ago, tsd made its first steps as a company in the field of machine and plant engineering and has remained faithful to this industry ever since.

The materials relevant to this industry are characterised by their diversity and include a broad range of sub-areas.

In order to be able to offer language services for such a complex branch of industry, we work with a large team of internal and external linguists distinguished by their individual areas of specialism.
Alongside impeccable language skills backed up by outstanding qualifications, our employees possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of their specialist areas and have demonstrated this expertise in a range of demanding projects.

Elements of technical documentation, some of which are delivered in interchange formats originating from an editorial system, is a key focus of this area. Editorial systems already make use of the high degree of reusability of content in this field.

In the same way, translation management systems allow for more content to be reused, therefore generating cost reductions. These systems bring multiple benefits, such as consistency across texts and projects, which ensures clear documentation for all markets.

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