Due to the extensive requirements and high quality demands in the field of medical technology and pharmaceuticals, which language service providers in this sector must also meet, we decided around ten years ago to pool our expert knowledge in this industry into m-tsd (medical tsd).
This department consists of specialised project managers and linguists who have demonstrated a great deal of experience and excellent achievements in the area of services for the medical industry.

Through specialised processes, separate organisation and concentrating our resources and expertise in the field of medicine, our specialist department m-tsd is able to meet the extensive requirements and quality demands of this industry and provide intensive customer care. Bureaucratic duties, such as compliance with the obligation to provide proof, are often a requirement in this industry.

These duties can include certification of a translation, specially documented proofreading or adherence to guidelines requiring approval and registration.

Our experts can also apply workflows that combine several services. For example, for some of our customers, we perform specialist proofreading services or validation following standard translation and proofreading services.

We are therefore able to directly meet the requirement that a translation is checked twice and by different qualified employees. tsd aims to consistently provide individualised solutions and to cover the whole spectrum of requested services.

If you require further information about our services in this subject area or would like to discuss the implementation of a specific workflow, do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by telephone on +49 (0) 221 9259860 or email at

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