Human Resources Team

Our Human Resources Team is responsible for long-term staff planning, which includes all application processes for internal and external employees, as well as vendor management, or the strategic planning, coordination and support of our external team.

The skills of our potential new employees are verified using test translations and test proofreading exercises or through a trial workday. The initial selection is made on the basis of questionnaires, additional interviews and comprehensive application documents. If they meet the specifications required by our quality management system, the data and any information relevant to the work of these external employees is saved in a database.

The HR Team is also responsible for coordinating training seminars which all employees are required to attend at regular intervals.

On top of that, this department supports the Project Management Team by finding qualified linguists at short notice to meet all project requirements and cover various language combinations.

The duties of the Human Resources Team also include:

  • Independently carrying out internal sub-projects in the area of Human Resources Management and support with general administrative and organisational activities
  • Acquisition of translators and interpreters and negotiating terms (of employment) in German and English
  • Service provider acquisition and proactively maintaining contact with our existing network
  • Strategic and project-related price negotiations