Marketing and Communications Team

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for a range of activities. These can be roughly divided into three areas of activity:

  • Customer communication
  • Internal communication
  • Company image

These areas encompass activities aimed at reaching both short and long-term objectives. Completing these activities intertwines topics from the areas of communication, marketing and sales. For example, the department creates a wealth of content. Some of this is directed at customers as part of tender procedures, some in response to specific questions and some is communicated through presentations in meetings with customers.

Other materials produced serve a more general, informational purpose and provide information about our company, services and workflows.

Added to this are tasks in the area of sales. This involves various forms of (customer) acquisition, including trade fair visits to meet both old and new customers. We also enjoy our regular face-to-face customer meetings in the customer’s or tsd’s offices alongside other similar activities for maintaining our customer relationships.

The objective of the work carried out in this department is, firstly, to ensure customer satisfaction and customer retention and, secondly, to support other departments by preparing materials and taking on certain projects that require a considerable degree of coordination between different departments and/or with the customer.