tsd-Adventskalender 2021

Not necessarily very chocolatey, but with lots of love, our team helped us to put together a few stories, riddles and information about Christmas and other cultural festivities around the world. We would love to share this knowledge with you in our online advent calendar #24daysofchristmas. Enjoy! 🙂

1. December 2021

It is December 1st! Time to open the first door of our advent calendar. What do you think, Truth or Myth?

2. December 2021

For our advent calendar, our Italian team told us about a popular tradition. Can you solve the puzzle without looking?

3. December 2021

Another holiday that is celebrated from November 28th to December 6th is Hanukkah. Which is why we were wondering how many candles are on a menorah?
We wish everyone in our network a blessed Hanukkah.

4. December 2021

Apparently, Christmas Eve in France is all about food. But what was the name of this traditional dessert again?

5. December 2021

How much do you know about Christmas traditions in the Netherlands?

6. December 2021

He/ She/ It has many names in different countries, but what is the name of the companion of St. Nicholas again in Austria? Happy St. Nicholas Day to everybody.

7. December 2021

Ever wonder where Santa Clause comes from? After all, he was not present at Jesus’ birth. ?

8. December 2021

We know what our Italian Team is doing today.

9. December 2021

Christmas is a worldwide festivity. But are there any Christmas traditions in China? We asked our team and spoiler alert the answer has language nerds like us excited.

10. December 2021

Our team has shared one of the most wonderful christmas traditions with us. Take a look.

11. December 2021

Christmas at the beach, Santa in Shorts and a Christmas palm tree? Sounds like a tropical dream.

12. December 2021

A few years ago, some of our colleagues started learning Icelandic and they shared some fun facts about #Christmas in Iceland with us. Have a look.

13. December 2021

What festival is being celebrated across Scandinavia and Italy today? Find out in today’s quiz and wish everyone in your network a Happy ??? Festival.

14. December 2021

We asked our American colleagues what their favorite Christmas tradition is, and now we know what they must have been up to over the past few weeks ? Enjoy today’s Fun Fact from our team.

15. December 2021

Who knows the famous ice festival we are looking for and maybe has even been there?

16. December 2021

“Kick me” signs on people’s backs and cellophane paper on the toilet during the holidy season? Let’s find out ?.

17. December 2021

Did you know the exchange of gifts is not a common Christmas tradition in Ethiopia? Our colleague shared with us how Ethiopians celebrate the holidays instead.

18. December 2021

Did you know that tsd actually has Romanian roots? That’s why this Fun Fact is especially important to us, as it concerns the luck of our community next year. Have a look.

19. December 2021

Russia certainly has some interesting traditions for the holiday season. Our team has shared one of them with us for today’s Advent Calendar Fact. See for yourself.

20. December 2021

Is it a coincidence that so many Christmas traditions involve food? Our italian colleagues have another food quiz for our Advent Calendar today. Can you guess it?

21. December 2021

American festivities are as diverse as America itself. Today we learned from our colleagues about another celebration that falls during the Christmas season. Did you know?

22. December 2021

Did you ever confuse “Hungary” and “Hungry”? Well, today’s quiz combines both. Do you know what dessert we are looking for?

23. December 2021

Merry belated Christmas? Is it true or is our Russian team pulling the wool over our eyes? Find out.

24. December

Most of our network should know the answer to today’s quiz. We hope you all enjoyed learning about different Christmas traditions around the world with us. We at tsd wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. ⛪?? ?