Website localisation

The localisation of a website poses various linguistic and technical challenges to the localisation process. For example, is the content optimised for search engines (SEO), which metadata is used and how can this data be technically exported from your own Content Management System (CMS)?

tsd has already successfully carried out several website localisations for various key customers and brings this expertise to your project

Our Services

  • Full-service package: Be it the localisation of content, extensive proofreading or the translation of subsequent updates to your website.
  • SEO translation: From the localisation of your keyword list to the translation of texts and metadata according to keyword
  • Flexible workflows: Export of content, translation in the customer’s own CMS or making the HTML page available, we adapt our workflow flexibly to your needs.
  • Language consulting: You want to localise your website for different target markets? We can advise you on multilingual websites – even on site!


  • Full-service package
  • Workflows tailored to your needs
  • Professional expertise and many years of experience
  • Individual consulting

Why we’re the right choice for you

  • 45 years of experience
  • Consulting and customised solutions
  • Dedicated contact persons
  • Internal Language Specialists
  • website localisation in more than 120 languages
  • 14 offices in 11 countries
  • Our 8 main offices: Cologne, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Krakow, Basel and Austin