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Machine Translation as a Service (MTaaS)

AI (artificial intelligence), self-learning machines, and neural networks – all these topics are currently omnipresent in daily media. New, ground-breaking achievements are being reported on a daily basis – slowly but surely they are becoming part of our everyday lives. These developments have a lasting impact on the translation and localization industry: in the past two years achievements have been accomplished, that had not been possible with the research of the previous two decades.

At tsd, we solely use specifically developed, personalized machine translation engines, based on the neural networks technology. We develop and train them according to specific customer requirements, in secure storage environments, only with customer-specific content and terminology.

At tsd we focus on MT solutions that can be highly adapted to our customers’ requirements:

Custom Tailoring @ tsd

  • The solutions used by tsd are always in favor of our clients and their needs. Each and every language engine is developed based on the clients’ data as well as carefully chosen standard content and then trained individually.
  • Achieve individualization through the use of subject and client specific terminology: “GAP” Analysis allows simple, uncomplicated additions to terminology.
  • Through effectively implemented Post Editing procedures, we can analyse and optimize MT output even beyond the standard metrics like BLUE or TER.
  • In collaboration with our customers we implement processes where the use of a MT software is possible, but not compulsory

  • Where needed we can on board teams on the clients side into the quality process, who can then actively participate in training the engines, creating terminology etc.

  • Training: skilled and qualified linguists train the engines and thus enable the creation of high quality MT output

  • All Engines and data is solely secured on servers located in Germany

  • Each and every engine is uniquely created for the sole use of this respective customer.

  • All MT solutions always rely on workflows in which TMS solutions form the basis

  • Currently, we mainly rely on the independent software KantanMT to support our MT processes

  • Engines only contain the data that the respective customer releases – everything is hosted by tsd. Compliant with data security regulations and without data garbage.

  • Transparent billing – costs can for example be calculated based on processed and translated MT words.

Looking for MT solutions for your workflows? Here is what we can offer you:

  • We offer customized, specific, high quality MT workflows – we build, deploy and run your engines for you and integrate them into your existing processes.
  • Want your internal team to have instant, easy to use access to your MT systems? We offer solutions for this as well.
  • Integration of “out of the box” MT solutions, i.e. for quick turnaround informational translation needs.
  • Want to purchase your own MT system but need the experts to evaluate the various options on the market and set up a project internally? We can support and advise you along the way with our professional „Language Technology Consulting Services“.
  • You already have your own MT system in place but need the experts (language engineers, linguists) to build and train engines, set up working post-editing environments and conduct quality assessments? All of this can be outsourced to us as your reliable and professional partner in multilingual processes.

You want to know more about machine translation at tsd? Simply call us at +49 (0)221 92 59 86 0 or e-mail us at